Make sure your chocolate’s tested for heavy metals!

Coined as “the food of the Gods” by the Mayans, cocoa is truly a superfood. Cocoa is packed with nutrients, vitamins, flavonoids and good fats which have been shown to improve health in a myriad of ways from better brain function to improved heart health.

Fundamentally, the cocoa bean from where cocoa comes from is the soil. Now that’s where heavy metals come into play. Metals are naturally occurring elements which are present in very low amounts in all rock, water, soil or air. As a result, it’s not unusual for foods to contain extremely low levels of these metals. The problem occurs when the level of heavy metals is high enough that it can cause health issues. That’s why, at ZoRaw, we take the following precautionary steps to ensure each and every single batch of cocoa we receive is tested for heavy metals by the following:

  1. Every single batch of cocoa we receive is tested for heavy metals. The tests are further verified by third party health certification bodies.
  2. All of our chocolate is made in a Health Canada certified manufacturing facility where each and every single chocolate is scanned for metals.
  3. Finally, we send our own products to be third party lab tested for metals periodically.

As a health focused brand, we now how important it is for the products we provide to be nourishing and good for you in any way shape or form. That’s why, stringent testing for heavy metals is just one of the steps we take to make sure you receive the healthiest chocolate around! If you are interested in any of the testing reports, please do not hesitate to ask.


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