Our Story

Hi! I’m Gigi and I co-founded this business with my partner Tanveer. Like most kids, I spent a lot of time growing up eating chocolate puffs for breakfast and sugar filled snacks through the school day. I didn’t realize that would lead me to experience auto immune issues later on in life. Fortunately I discovered I was able to control my issues by changing the types of food I ate. After trying many fad diets, I found that a few simple methods really worked: removing all sugars and processed foods. Within just a few weeks, I started noticing improvements in my health as I began living a healthier lifestyle, which I followed to this day.
I always faced one small challenge, however, my love for chocolate! This all changed after a cocoa tour I took in South America. After the trip, I went to my local stores and searched online but could not find a healthy chocolate alternative which didn’t taste like cardboard or was filled with bad ingredients. It’s at that point I had a eureka moment: I wanted to make the world’s healthiest chocolate to helps others like myself have a healthy relationship with food.
Starting in just my basement, I leveraged my experience in biochemistry to make initial prototypes (chocolate making can be quite scientific). After reading countless papers and working with the food scientists at Canadian Universities a formulation was finally ready. After positive feedback from farmer’s markets I convinced my partner and co-founder, Tanveer, to join. Starting from just our basement, we’ve grown to having our own chocolate factory!
We’re proud to be now be found in thousands of stores across Canada and are excited everyday in playing our small part in helping provide everyday consumers with a healthier eating option. Eating our chocolates helps me feel like a kid again and I’m hoping to share that same experience with you.

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